Bachelor of Sharia and Islamic studies

The Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies of Ashna Institute of Higher Education is independently constituted for students to gain a bachelor degree in Sharia and Islamic Studies. Since Islam is the religion of Afghanistan there has been a vast demand for this department, which is fortunately now serving under graduates. The faculty staff of Sharia and Islamic Studies hold PhDs and Master’s degrees of qualification who graduated in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordon, Dewband of India, and Pakistan. Continuing higher education in Sharia and Islamic Studies at Ashna Institute of Higher Education is based on the standard international Credit Based System (CBS). The four-year undergraduate program consists of 157 credit hours. The languages of instruction are Pashto and Dari. After two years of general study in the program, students will choose their majors and specializations in the following sub-departments:

  1. Jurisprudence (Fiqa) and Law Department
  2. Islamic Studies Department

Students going to the Department of Jurisprudence (Fiqa) and Law will study the principles of jurisprudence (Fiqa) and law, and students who join the Department of Islamic Studies will study Hadith, Quran Interpretation, and specially the Arabic language course.


  1. To Instruct Islamic based laws
  2. To educate professional Imams, Jurisprudents, and Judges
  3. Training next leaders and staff for judicial and legislative branches
  4. Spreading true message of Islam by specialized entities

Fee Structure

Program Bachelor of Sharia and Islamic studies
Fee per credit                      AFN
Total program admission fee                      AFN
Monthly Average                      AFN
Total program fee                      AFN