Bachelor of Computer Science

Date: 24 Jun 2019

To meet the new challenge and demand of the students Ashna Institute of Higher Education has taken a step in the field of Information Technology by starting the department of Computer Science. The department of Computer Science was recently opened in the spring of 2019 by the collaboration of Ministry of Higher Education inside its framework to impart qualitative and valuable services in the field of higher education. It is the newest department of Ashna that provides undergraduate students world class higher education regarding technology and software. Computer technologies have come to shape our world and are involved in virtually every sector of contemporary society. As a result, Computer Science department of Ashna Institute of Higher Education is one of the fastest growing department and looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Program Description

The department has good infrastructure, faculty as well as well equipped with other facility required for such contemporary field. Ashna always tries to provide students standard and quality education. In order to start a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with us, students will follow the international Credit Based System (CBS), which covers 149 credit hours during their entire undergraduate program. Students will also work on some assignment projects for the better implementation of theory, join workshops, and professional trainings. The instruction languages of Computer Science are Pashto and Dari and a special credit of English language is included to the curriculum to build the accurate knowledge of terms and language of the technology.


The bachelor’s degree of Computer Science has a vast area to work (almost every sector). The first two years of the program are the fundamentals and general knowledge of computer and technology. Students after first two years will choose their major and specialization in Programming and Networking.

Fee Structure

Program Bachelor of Computer Science
Fee per credit                      AFN
Total program admission fee                      AFN
Monthly Average                      AFN
Total program fee                      AFN


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