Bachelor of Law

Date: 24 Jun 2019
400 students

The Department of Bachelor of Law and Political Science (LPS) was established in 2014. The department helps students gain a bachelor degree in Law and Political Science. From the beginning of department, professors and instructors with master’s and doctoral degrees of qualification struggled to instruct the students by standardized methodology through which they will have the complete knowledge of Afghanistan’s laws system, and will be able to work in any legal or political field professionally.

Program Description

Department of Law and Political Science was independently established in the framework of Ashna which is a Credit Based System (CBS). Students will require to complete 163 credits hours in order to attain a bachelor degree in Law and Political Science within four years of time. Law and Political Science department provides students practical workshops such as moot courts, study tours, and engagement with professional legal entities during conducive seminars. The languages of instruction are Pashto/Dari.


Studying Law and Political Science at Ashna lead students to be specialized in two departments:

  1. Department of Administration and Diplomacy
  2. Department of Judiciary and Attorney

both having a wide scope of work  in the state ranging from international law, the principles of international relations, global policy, and foreign politics to justice and criminal cases.

Fee Structure

Program Bachelor of Law and Political Science
Fee per credit                      AFN
Total program admission fee                      AFN
Monthly Average                      AFN
Total program fee                      AFN

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