Debate Club

Students at Ashna Institute of Higher Education are also discussing about the crucial issues of their society. They discuss these issues, find solutions, and make policies with polite behavior and respect values. The Debate Club of Ashna Institute of Higher Education is a sub-department of Center of Academic Development (CAD) that enables students learn debating skills, claiming, how to make arguments and how to rebut arguments. Our Debate Club is registered with the national debating organization and conducts debate tournaments among students and universities.

Program Features

Students joining Debate Club of Ashna Institute of Higher Education build new skills, visit other universities, and engage with new friends. Another significant fact of the Debate Club is to motivate students participate in social and civic engagements. Students can also participate in the national debate tournaments which is among all Afghan universities and get a life changing experience.

Program Objectives:

  1. To promote civic and social engagement
  2. To spread tolerance and respect culture
  3. To become critical and analytical thinkers
  4. Finding solutions to controversial issues of the society
  5. Increasing learning confidence, poise, and self-esteem