Department of Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages Department of Ashna Institute of Higher Education has started to offer people courses in international languages. It is the fastest and well trusted department that helps students, office workers, and those who may travel outside with language learning. Languages are recognized as the mean of communication in 21st century. Through languages people connect, gather information that exists in a particular language, and understand each other’s culture. Nowadays, in the modern world of technology, business, and education languages play a significant role in almost every filed, so we as a team, are committed to teach linguistic knowledge professionally.

Curriculum and system

The department implements effective and standard curriculum for language learners and is well facilitated with modern technology. The department offers courses in all levels and follows the international system of Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, in addition; it gives language learners a great experience in solving their accuracy and proficiency.  The curriculum for each language covers every skill required for learning a new language which are; grammar, writing, listening, reading, vocabulary, vocabulary, pronunciation, and practical speaking sessions. A standard book series system is used in diploma courses in each language.


Foreign Languages Department has courses in seven languages; English, Arabic, Turkish, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. To find out more about each language program visit our Center of Academic Development (CAD) on the header tab.


There are two types of courses in each language program; each of which is ranging in duration from four months special classes to one year diplomas.