English Programs

English language, as it is spoken all over the world, is now easy to learn at Ashna Institute of Higher Education with unique methodologies and expert mentors in the field. It is the fastest growing program of Foreign Languages Department. English language program offers courses in all levels and follows the international system of Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, which uses task-based, dynamic and action-oriented learning strategies, helps students learn authentic communication using real-world language, and promotes student autonomy.


Our English language programs help you develop the English language skills you need to communicate fluently and confidently at university, or work. Our programs offer you an opportunity to focus on language skills and to work with a tutor who is trained in language teaching. There are courses in all levels for students both short courses and diploma. Students want to start an English language course can join the following programs:

  1. Diploma in English Language (DEL)

DEL is a one year general English language program with a standard book series.

  1. English for Academic Purpose (EAP)

English for Academic purpose is a six-month high level program especially for students who want to improve their English for a university level, office. Talk to the English language tutor about reading strategies, academic writing style, preparing for presentations or any other language challenges.

  1. intensive Power Speaking (iPS)

iPS is a four-month   practical program enabling students to use English practically and enhance fluency level.

  1. Seminar for Language Teachers (SLT)

This seminar is particularly arranged for interested candidates to enter the teaching field and improve creative methodology of teaching.


Foreign Languages Department also invites applicants to join the international TOEFL and IELTS Preparation classes. An intensive course to gain academic excellence.