New Students

Welcome and congratulations on passing the Kankor exam!

You have taken an important step forward by choosing to embark on a future enriched and reliable academic degree. Ashna Institute of Higher Education offers distinct interdisciplinary programs that will prepare you for the world of opportunities. By joining Ashna institute of Higher Education, you are now part of outstanding undergraduate degree and certificate programs in business administration, law and political science, computer science, Sharia and Islamic studies, foreign languages, computer programs and leadership. Our highly-respected graduate degree and certificate programs offer a wide range of courses to enable you to explore and build capacity and expertise in your desired field of interest. Our programs offer you the experience and challenge of addressing real issues domestically and internationally in an inclusive, collaborative and thoughtful learning environment. You are also going to be part of our outstanding array of events, activities, study tours and other extracurricular programs.

Today, our graduates are working in the public and private sectors in Kabul and across the country with organizations, institutions, and businesses.

We wish you every success!


Ahmad Zaki Habibi

Students Involvement and Events Manager.