Quality assurance and Accreditation



Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department of Ashna Institute of Higher Education will be the only branch promote the quality of higher education by providing accreditation and advisory services for the betterment of quality education.


Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department of Ashna Institute of Higher Education presents impressive and advantageous services for the amendment of higher education by considering the guidelines and instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education.


Ashna Institute of Higher Education allocates its educational act affairs into different parts so that each division meets effectiveness. Our administrative values are expressed as the followings:

  1. Quality: to provide valuable services in the framework of Ministry of Higher Education and to participate in the development of this educational journey.
  2. Trust: to try to achieve its trust, Ashna Institute of Higher Education is responsible for its work in order to stand as a sustainable and permanent institution and to provide its standard educational services to the society.
  3. Unbiasedness: Ashna Institute of Higher Education makes all its institutional and administrative decisions, does performances and observations in the framework of Ministry of Higher Education with the coordination of Ashna Institute’s executives.
  4. Transparency: all act affairs of Ashna Institute of Higher Education are done transparently, justly, and without discrimination in all its divisions.
  5. Innovation: Ashna Institute of Higher Education appreciates all the suggestions and affairs which are done for the sake of promoting the pedagogic quality and amendments. It also plans its teachers’ and staff’s capacity building program.

 Quality Assurance General Objectives:

To be able to answer all responsible administrative departments about their activities and assure transparency is the main goal of all institutions and Quality Assurance.  Ashna Institute of Higher Education, from its establishment up to now, tries to cater educational services for the society according to the national and international standards and to gain assurance that its progressive services are needed, satisfactory, and standardized.

Quality Assurance Special Objectives:

  1. Ashna Institute of Higher Education always intends to assure the Ministry of Higher Education about its Quality Assurance administration’s better accomplishments in educational act affairs.
  2. Implementing the eleven (11) national standards enacted by Directorate of Quality Assurance of Ministry of Higher Education is the priority of Ashna i=Institute of Higher Education to be able to present enforceable and standardized services considering the standards, guidelines, consultations, elevations, and the amendments of researches.
  3. Ashna Institute’s fundamental goal is to reach first stage of accreditation of Quality Assurance administration within short period of time in its educational journey.
  4. To accommodate an educational environment elevating learning, teaching, and research inside and outside the administration.
  5. To seek new experiences and developments for the improvement of educational and administrative affaires’ quality.
  6. The main goal is to coordinate the sectorial directorates in standardizing the learning, teaching, and researches in the curriculum of higher education.
  7. To prepare all administrative staff and, if needed, to build capacity of instructors, for strengthening the capability of accreditation.