The Deputy of Students Affairs

The Deputy Office of Student Affairs of Ashana Higher Education Institution was established in line with the strategic goals of this institution to empower students and participate in the development of education. He is in charge of directing all the affairs of the students and provides the general needs of the students. In the structure of this vice-chancellor, there are departments such as Student Affairs Directorate, Graduate Affairs Directorate, Student Affairs Management, Education System Management, Archive Management, Student Development Center Management (Creativity and Innovation), Counseling Center, Practical Work Center, Associations and Organizations Administration It is students.

Committee of discipline is also part of the Student Affairs deputy; the Student Affairs deputy with its organizational structure, has always tried to implement various programs and plans in the field of promoting science, knowledge, and culture among students; furtheremore, the Students Affairs deputy always support and implements programs for developing non-professional skills of students

Mr.Omar Mukhtar "Nikzad" now working as deputy of Students affairs in ASHNA University.

Respected Omar Mokhtar "Nikzad", the son of Abdul Mobin, who was born in 1374 in Najarab district of Kapisa province. He completed his primary and secondary education at Dolat Mohammad Shahid Secondary School and then successfully completed his high school in 2012 at Hazrat Farrokhshah Najarab High School.Preceptor Omar Mukhtar Nikzad joined the Shari'at department of jurisprudence and law in 2014, and graduated from the aforementioned field in 2017. In 2018, he also successfully completed Islamic studies. In 2018, he entered the master's degree in the mentioned field and graduated in 1400. At the same time, Mr. Nikzad has been involved in capacity building programs along with advanced courses, and he has complete knowledge of Arabic, English, and computer skills. Preceptor Omar muKhatar Nikzad served as the head of the department in Ashna Institute Of Higher Education in 1399, and in 1400 he served as the head of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of this institution, and in 1401 , he was the head of the scientific assistantship of this institution for a while. He was in charge and at the end of the same year, he served as the deputy of student affairs of that institution.

He also has good experience in academic departments as a contract professor in educational and educational institutions from 1401-1397 (Dar al-Mulammin Kabul Roshan, Tolo Aftab Institute of Higher Education, Khurshid Institute of Higher Education, Hevad Institute of Higher Education and Norin Institute of Higher Education). He has performed his duties and carried out his scientific research in Shari'a and legal departments under the titles (Fundamentals of Islamic Jurisprudence, Fundamentals of Islamic Law, some of which are ready for publication and some of which are in the process of research and writing. In 1397, he engaged in social activities in addition to administrative and scientific activities, and in the same year, he worked as the head of the Council of Scholars and Influentials of the Civil Organization of the National Mobilization of Afghanistan, and since 1400, he has worked as the executive head of that organization. He has also been active in the media sector and has conducted religious, cultural and social programs in the national media (radio and television).