Chancellor’s Message

Chancellor’s Message

I consider it my privilege to welcome the students who have decided to join Ashna University for pursuing higher education. I can assure you that you have made the right choice of University as it provides an educational environment that is conducive for grooming young men and women. It is done in a manner that enables them to efficiently shoulder the responsibilities during their professional career for their own prosperity and growth and, in the process, contribute towards development of the nation.
I am glad to inform the aspiring students, who have an urge to excel, that Ashna University has developed, and will continue to develop, its curriculum on the basis of global requirements. In short, the University is grooming the students of every programme in accordance with contemporary international requirements for attaining expected level of ‘employability’. Research and Development (R&D) is an essential requirement of higher education.

The University has taken right steps in this direction by creating facilities for conducting research in different fields and also encouraging the students and faculty members to undertake research.

Ashna University is setting a pathway for its students to continue their further studies abroad and for the same reason we’ve signed Bilateral Agreements with reputed Universities in India and Turkey.

Come, join the student fraternity of AU and ensure success in life.

Mohammad Tariq “Omar”