The Deputy of Academic Affairs

The deputy of academic affairs is main pillar of the Univesity; after the chancellor of University the deputy of academic affairs is responsible to manage all research affairs, academic affairs and management affairs. In other words, the deputy of academic affairs is the implementor of all academic, research and quality of teaching in University with considering the all principles, rules and laws of Ministry of Higher Education and Strategic Plan of University.

Regarding facilities and standard platform that Ashna University provided for higher education of youth generation, the deputy of academic affairs take the responsibility that with considering all rules, laws and principles of (MoHE) Ministry of Higher Education and educational standards, to support students in improvement of thier knowledge.

Currently the Ashna University has two faculties (Law & Political Science and Economy) that works under the supervision of Deputy of Academic Affairs.The sub departments of Deputy of Academic Affairs with clear Job Description under supervisoin of the deputy of Academic Affairs has been created such as (The department of Lecturers, The department of Research, The department of Quality Control, The department of Publishing and Broad-casting, The department of Libraray and Digital Library).

Mr.Ghulam Dawood Shaeeq now working as deputy of academic affairs in ASHNA University.

Gholam Daud Shaiq son of Gholam Nabi was born in 1348 in Chanki Alia village of Seyed Khel district of Parwan province of this country in a scholarly family and received his informal elementary education in the village school.In 1365, he was included in Golbahar No. 2 school and after the military and political changes in the country in 1361, he moved to Kabul city and completed his elementary education at Saydal Naseri High School, and in 1365 he was included in the Electromechanical Technical College. In 1369, he completed his secondary education with fourteen passes in the field of strong electricity. In 1389, he was included in the law and political science , and in 1392, he graduated from General Attorney Judiciary, and in 1393, he successfully completed the legal internship at Kabul University. In 2014, he completed a master's in the field of public law at Khatam al-Nabiyin University . In 2018, he joined the National University of Tajikistan as a doctoral student, and now he is a third-year doctoral student in the field of constitutional law of that university.

In 1371, he was included in the oil tanker company of the Ministry of Trade and served in various administrative positions. In 1391, he became the head of law and parliamentary affairs of the Ministry of Higher Education, then in 1394, he was assigned as a legal advisor to the Ministry of Education, and then in 1395, he was appointed as the head of the inspection of the Ministry of Higher Education, and he held this position until 24/05/ 1400. has served. From 1394 to 1401, he has taught as a contract professor at Tabash, Bakhtar, Rana universities and Seyed Jamaluddin, Ashna and Tolo Aftab higher education institutes. Since 5/8/1401, he has been the academic vice president of Ashna Higher Education Institute.