The Faculty of Economy

Economic knowledge provides scientific and theoretical solutions and practical adaptations for the liberation of human societies from the grip of poverty, misery, deprivation and access to economic growth and development. Poverty, unemployment, underdevelopment and economic backwardness are the pain that the people of Afghanistan have tasted more than any other country in the world. Due to the scarcity of resources and facilities and the lack of capacity and human capital necessary for the proper exploitation of the limited available resources, the country's need for human capital specialized in scientific fields such as economics and business, economic growth and development, fighting poverty and creating employment It is more noticeable than before. The Faculty of Economics is within the framework of Ashana Higher Education Institution, which was established in 2013 H.H., and since then, it has always been trying to provide professional and committed economic and administrative staff to its society.

Bachelore in Business Administration (BBA):

A Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree from Ashna University will provide students with the academic credentials, practical insights and business experience they require to transform their interests, and passions into a rewarding career. The department uses Experiential Learning and Student-Centered Learning which are the best approaches of teaching and learning in the world, to ensure high-quality student learning. Our BBA graduates have gone to establish their own businesses, manage firms, obtain Master’s and Doctoral degrees, and lead major national and international organizations.

The Fuculty Vision:
Achieving excellence in business studies and research.
The Faculty Mission:
Educating a diverse population of business professionals to successfully meet the challenges of domestic and global markets.

The goal of Economy faculty:

The duration of study in this faculty is four years, and all students study their courses separately and specialized in the field of economics, business administration in English. The Ashna University had 12 graduation in faculty of Economy in department of Business Administration; the Ashna University currently has hundred students in BBA department of Economy faculty.

  1. Presenting a professional and caring workforce to the dear country of Afghanistan
  2. eradicating ignorance and ignorance and planting science and knowledge.
  3. Implementation of the mission of Ashna Higher Education Institute.
  4. Implementation of the mission of this faculty.
  5. Transparency in work and responsibilities.
  6. Submission, speed and quality in the advancement of administrative and teaching matters of this department.

Academic Structure:

# Category Detail
1 Core Courses 80
2 Specialization Courses 16
3 General Courses 36
4 Project Report 6
# Total 138